Samplebooks are very universal and much-favored form for presentation of your products. We can offer many variations of manufacturing and wide range of materials, so as to be the final product completely according to your ideas.

Bookcovers are manufactured mechanically, that’s why we can guarantee each piece to be exactly like the other. As a covermaterial it is possible to use all sorts of materials from paper to bookbinding cloth. We use technologies as screenprinting and embossing, we are able to print logos and other original designs, which will represent the identity of your company.

Fabrics are manufactured according to the individual need. We suggest the suitable treatment for each kind of fabric. Taping and overlocking are effective methods to keep shape of fabrics inserted into samplebooks, tapes are suitable for print of technical information too. Also, we can make centring of fabrics. This treatment is recommended for fabrics with embroidery or printed designs to fit the whole pattern on a page of your samplebook.


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+420 327 532 012

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