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About us

Sampleworld s.r.o. was founded in 2000 incorporating czech craftsmanship and italian funding. We produce sample collections for textile industry, for textile manufacturers, producers or dealers. You can find our products on the market worldwide.

For 18 years we produce samples

We are very experienced in the production of various types of samples.

Samples of different types

We will make samples such as book, waterfall, card, or other, according to your proposals and requirements.

Piece and serial production

Our experience and customer orientation allows us to produce samples from several pieces to thousands series.

Fabric samples


Samplebooks are very universal and much-favored form for presentation of your products. We can offer many variations of manufacturing and wide range of materials, so as to be the final product completely according to your ideas. Bookcovers are manufactured mechanically, that’s why we can guarantee each piece to be exactly like the other. As a covermaterial it is possible to use all sorts of materials from paper to bookbinding cloth. We use technologies as screenprinting and embossing, we are able to print logos and other original designs, which will represent the identity of your company. Fabrics are manufactured according to the individual need. We suggest the suitable treatment for each kind of fabric. Taping and overlocking are effective methods to keep shape of fabrics inserted into samplebooks, tapes are suitable for print of technical information too. Also, we can make centring of fabrics. This treatment is recommended for fabrics with embroidery or printed designs to fit the whole pattern on a page of your samplebook.


Hangers are ideal form of presentation to show larger format of fabrics. It can be used for fabrics with patterns, very common for upholstery fabrics and curtains. Typical product contains one large fabric to show the pattern in full width and smaller pieces of fabrics placed in waterfall to see all available colours. Fabrics are fastened on the header with hook. We are able to manufacture wide range of sizes and types of hangers always following wishes of customers.


Samplecards are very popular because of their practical format which enables great portability. Format A4 with perforation is very common, ideal to store your samplecards in folders. We are able to manufacture cards in any size with any quantity of fabrics. This type of presentation is suitable for leather, leather imitation and almost any kind of fabrics, usually without patterns, where is no need to show large format.


Aside of standard products such as books, hangers and cards, we can produce also other types of samples for display, depends on visions of customers. We are able to manufacture almost any kind of fabric, cut, overlock, label and arrange it into sequences etc. Special products such as openable headers, covers and folders with ringbook mechanism are also an option. If you have any request, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to offer you an individual solution for presentation of your products.

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